Bad Broccoli Companion Plants

A List of What & What NOT to Plant With Broccoli


Read this guide to find out exactly what plants to avoid growing next to broccoli and what grows well with broccoli. Follow this list of good and bad companion plants for broccoli that will work best for you in your vegetable garden or flower bed!

A Note About Broccoli 

Broccoli is ready in 50-90 days depending on the variety. Broccoli is grown best in USDA growing zones 2-11. Broccoli loves cool weather.

It grows well in moist, fertile soil that has a PH of 6.0-7.0.

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Long Season Broccoli vs. Short Season Broccoli

Broccoli is ready in 50-90 days depending on the variety. Amadeus broccoli is an example of short season broccoli. It can be sown in early spring and is ready for harvest in around 60 days. Long season varieties such as Romanesco can take closer to 100 days to get to maturity.


WORST Broccoli  Companion Plants



Best BROCCOLI Companion Plants




Best Broccoli  Companion Plants



Best BRoccoli Companion Plants



Pro Tip

Pro Tip

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Your broccoli plants should be spaced at least 12-18 inches apart per plant and 2-3 feet in between rows. They grow large and can easily crowd other plants.

An action that you can take to ensure your broccoli crops thrive is to make sure that you are thinking of broccoli companion plants.

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