Companion Plants For Celery

A Simple Guide for Celery Companion Plants


Celery can be a tricky vegetable to grow from seed or even from transplant! Give your celery the best possible outcome by paying close attention to the vegetables, flowers, fruit, and herbs that you grow around it. This guide for companion planting celery will encourage your home grown celery to thrive bug free and to grow to its fullest potential.


A Note About Celery

Celery can be grown anywhere from zone 2-10 and likes a mix of sun and shade throughout the day. It thrives in soil with a PH of 6-7.5 and requires a great deal of growing time!

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When should I plant cElery?

Check out my growing guides to find out the best time plant your seedlings, and to determine the best time to start your celery! For me, in my cold zone 3 garden, late March was the right time to start!

When To Start Your Celery Seedlings...