This lollipop chicken drumstick recipe is a crowd pleasing way to enjoy chicken drumsticks as a finger food. 

Lollipop Chicken Drumstick Recipe 101

Lollipop Chicken Drumstick Recipe 101

Frenching chicken drumsticks involves removing meat, skin, and tendons from the bone of the chicken… leaving the drumstick meat free floating like a savory lollipop.

4 Key Ingredients

03 Olive Oil

04 Barbecue Sauce

01 BBQ Chicken Dry Rub

Brown Rice

02 Chicken Drumsticks

PREHEAT  Preheat your Traeger or other grill to 275°F.


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Have a pair of kitchen shears handy to cut tricky pieces of skin or tendons from around the     drumstick.

Resting your chicken lollipops after cooking is important to retain moisture and get tender drumsticks

Don't skip the reverse sear step if you are smoking. The higher heat helps to render the fat in the chicken skin properly, giving it the perfect crispy crust.



Prepare the drumsticks. Rinse your chicken and then using a sharp knife, score around the bone (around two inches from the top) removing the upper skin and stopping at the "meaty section."



SEASON Brush the bottom of the frenched chicken drumsticks with olive oil and sprinkle liberally with your favorite chicken rub or other dry rub. Wrap with foil

Smoke + Reverse Sear


Place on the smoker for 45 minutes cook time at 275°F. Remove the drumsticks and turn the smoker up to 425°F. Brush on your favorite bbq sauce, and return the chicken lollipops to the smoker to reverse sear for 10-15 more minutes or until the internal temperature of the lollipops reaches 170°F.



Allow the lollipops to rest for 10-15 minutes before serving. Serve with marinara sauce or your favorite dipping sauce and some fresh vegetables.

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