Companion Plants For Sage

A Simple Guide on Good and Bad Companion Plants


Read on to find out exactly what sage companion plants will work best for you in your herb or vegetable garden! Sage complements the flavors of many vegetables, repels harmful insects and attracts beneficial ones, like bees and butterflies.


A Note About Sage

Sage is one of the most popular herbs to grow. It is considered a perennial herb in some warmer zones (zones 5-8). Sage grows well in soil with a PH of 6.5-7 with lots of sun and space (18-24 inches in between plants). It flourishes in well draining soil that has plenty of organic matter.

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When should I plant Sage?

In cooler zones, sage should be considered an annual. Sage does well when planted in cooler times including late spring and early fall and it can be grown at ground level or in raised garden beds and planters.

Best Sage Companion Plants




Best Sage Companion Plants



Best Sage Companion Plants