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Whole Grain Sourdough Bread Recipe

This healthy whole grain sourdough bread recipe is moist, with open crumb and a crispy crackly crust that prolongs its shelf life– as if it will last long enough to test that out!

Let’s get started!

Whole grains make this bread hearty and filling, and the complex carbohydrates leave you feeling full and energized.

Tips + Tricks for Baking Whole Grain Sourdough Bread

01 Use fresh whole grain flour.

02 Bulk Ferment overnight & score in the AM.

03 Score cold

04 Save deep scoring for last.

05 Tightly shape your boule (dough ball) before the final 3-4 hour rise cycle.

Flour Bag
Flour Bowl

Feed the starter late the night before (9pm) if you want to bake or early in the morning.


Combine flours, water, and sourdough starter. Mix and manipulate until all of the flour is loosely mixed in and it forms a shaggy dough.


Autolyse: Let the shaggy dough sit, covered with a tea towel or plastic wrap for 30 minutes


Stir together salt and  water in a small bowl and pour over your dough. With wet hands, stretch and fold 6-8 times. Cover and let rest for 1 hour.


Stretch and fold 4 times for a total of three 1-hour cycles.


Shape your dough into a round loaf or sandwich loaf. Sprinkle the top with rice flour and place the smooth side down in your proofing basket or cheese cloth lined bowl. Cover with plastic wrap.


Bulk Fermentation: Allow the shaped loaf to sit, covered in a relatively warm spot for four hours.


Artisan Loaf: Place your dutch oven into your oven and preheat to 450°F. Flip your wholegrain sourdough boulle onto a large square of parchment. Brush with fine rice or corn flour if you want the uncut crust to have a more white appearance. 


Score the dough, lower the prepared loaf into your hot dutch oven, cover with the lid, and cook for 30 minutes. Uncover and cook for 10-15 more min.


Sandwich Loaf: Carefully flip your wholegrain sourdough boulle or batard onto a large square of parchment. Brush with one egg white and a tablespoon of cold water. Sprinkle with up to 1 tablespoon of rolled oats for garnish. Score. Cook your whole grain sourdough sandwich loaf at 350°F for 40-45 minutes- No need to preheat your pan!


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